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Established in the year of 1982 by a Female Entrepreneur, Mrs. Kavita Garg, the Pure Group of companies is now a sizable business house diversified in different businesses. Initially the group was founded as a trading unit with name “Everest Holdings”. With the experience of more than 26 years, Pure group is now a diversified business group engaged in the field of:

  • Ship Recycling
  • Industrial Oxygen Gas Manufacturing
  • Export import of scrap, minerals, metals, machineries and machine tools.

Started with “Everest Holdings”, pure group now holds the control over four different units

  • Pure enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pure Gases Pvt. Ltd.
  • Everest Holdings Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dynesty Finance and Holdings Pvt. Ltd.
Since our establishment at Alang Ship Recycling yard in 1993, we always took the lead in all kind of business and social activities like environment friendly Ship Recycling or assuring safety to our workers at the yard.

At present company is having a Ship Recycling plot with approximately 4500 Sq Meters of working area. This plot is situated at Alang Ship Recycling Yard, Bhavnagar, India, which is the largest Ship Recycling yard in the Asian continent.


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